Ichiro's uncanny CM broadcast in Japan.

The TV commercial applied or thrown in the basket in which Ichiro throws a ball, and which is in the stood bat or a long distance is attracting attention.
It is said that this CM is that Ichiro actually performed although voice, such as "whether it is composition" and "? which will be edit", is brought near all over Japan.
Since it is not flowing in foreign countries, I think that this is precious.

The toll-free application "LINE" which is in fashion in Japan

The free communication application "LINE" which collects explosive popularity in Japan.
Although tools, such as "Facebook" and "Skype", are overseas common, this "LINE" gains overwhelming support in Japan. Account of one person and one person is not registered like former as a big feature, but the address book included in its mobile phone is registered into "LINE", and a friend is looked for by comparing it.

It is explosive speed and they are after the release in 2011 the 70 million whole world.
It grew up to be the service which 30 million or more people use even in Japan.
It is an original function in which this popular one is called a stamp.

In Japan, it is called "kimokawii", and its feeling can be conveyed with a picture and it is said that conversation is materialized only now.
It is more wonderful now not to use among students.
Even the voice of having stopped almost using e-mail and a telephone can be heard.
It is the application which Japan developed whatever this "LINE" might call it.
Since it is the service which can be used all over the world, please use, if worrisome.


Konayuki - Remioromen

Although there are many excellent pieces of music of winter, it will be this music if it is called the excellent piece of music of winter after the 2000s. In particular, a young generation has greatest popularity. They are time-tested products, such as karaoke. Music which multiplied its love and powdery snow. The place sung with "Konayuki -" in music is a point in which a girl acts as breast Kuen. 


The United States also introduces the ending music of "Pokemon" which gains greatest support.
Even if about ten years have passed since birth, anime is broadcast, but this music is impressive.
As a Pokemon early generation, the time when the number of Pokemon was 151 is nostalgic.
Now, it cannot be 300 animals and is ?.

tonari no totoro - Joe Hisaishi

The time-tested product of the Japanese anime song which the child of が can almost hum.
Does the overseas child also know? It is an excellent piece of music of Joe Hisaishi which is composing almost all the musical pieces of the Ghibli work. It becomes pleasant only by having sung with "Tonarinottro totoro totoro totoro."

The theme of Lupin 3 world

The theme tune of "Lupin 3 generation" which is an anime work representing Japan is introduced. This music is music of familiarity for a Japanese.
If this music flows, a child to "his sleeping and it being bread" and an old person will be excited.
The musical piece which used jazz as the motif. Japanese people are charmed by Lupin as a foreigner is charmed by the theme of "007."

Yozoranomukou - SMAP

The representation music of the idol group "SMAP" who is the most popular in Japan is introduced. Tomorrow is waiting for this music beyond the night sky.
Although it is somewhat painful music, the words have reached many people's heart.
Although it is said that there is also indication of "not being good at a song" partly, it sings hard.
This is their motto.